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Jul 30, 2018

Show 36: Part 2 of 2 with former Congressman and San Diego Mayor, Bob Filner. Bob shares valuable knowledge gained from his grass roots days of the Civil Rights Movement in the 60's. He learned, marched and was arrested with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. Filner shares his knowledge of organizing and re-organizing to be...

Jul 23, 2018

Show 35: Former Mayor of San Diego and Congressman, Bob Filner joins the show and chats with Enrique about what he's up to these days. They also talk about organizing being heard and active under today's administration. Part 1 of 2 episodes

Jul 16, 2018

Show 34: Osvaldo Ruiz heads up the Day Labor Outreach program at Border Angels. He is also responsible for expanding the program to other counties and states. Find out just what a Day Laborer is, what they do and how they are treated as well as what they need. Osvaldo also shares his continuing efforts in building a...

Jul 9, 2018

Show 33: The Border Angels Interns Series continues with Sonia Moran from High Tech High School. She shares what it's like to be a High Tech Student and what her Aspirations and Inspirations are. Sonia tell us what its like to be a Border Angels Intern and how you can get involved as well. 

Jul 2, 2018

Show 32: Border Angels Intern and UC Santa Cruz Graduate Student, Stephanie Padilla joins the show. Stephanie shares her journey as a student on the road to becoming a P.h.D., as well as an educator and human rights activist. She is also preparing to launch Border Angels Summer Movie Nights at Sherman Heights Community...