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Mar 27, 2018

Ellen Orton Montanari, the organizer of Resist Trump Tuesdays left her previous career to organize, do work for groups like,, and others election day 2017 when she, "Woke up and felt Saving our country was more important"

Mar 20, 2018

Victor Torres is a San Diego/National City native. He attended Sweetwater Union High School, Southwestern College and USD. Victor served in the Air Force and is a Federal Defender trial attorney, now running for Superior Court Judge

Mar 12, 2018

Show 16: Ali Torabi of San Diego Border Dreamers shares his experience as a Dreamer that migrated from Iran as an infant. He explains who San Diego Border Dreamers are, how they began and their cause

Mar 7, 2018

Show 15: Todays guest is Oscar Vasquez Mena Ph.D. He is one of the leaders of Border Angels program, Bridges to Education which offers aid to U.S. born, children of deported immigrants in pursuit of a college eduation